BANG! BANG! Fireworks May Be Nice for People, But Not Pets!

As all of us pet owners know, our animals can be a little startled during firework displays. It's almost November, approaching bonfire night on the 5th, causing some real stress among our beloved dogs, cats and smaller friends. As their guardians, it is our responsibility to try and limit their anxiety and keep them as calm as possible.

Spotting some early signs of stress in your beloved friend is the first step in keeping their distress to a minimum. Look out for excessive barking or meowing, pacing the house and panting or sweating, loss of appetite, quaking or trembling, fouling in the house or hiding behind furniture. Knowing these signs can help you to identify their strain and do something to help them through this time.

Things you can do to prepare your dogs and cats for the fireworks and during the display include:

There was a 40% increase in the number phone calls about missing pets on Bonfire night last year, so remember to ensure your pet is micro-chipped!

Make a space especially for them to hide in if they need to, with pillows, blankets and comforting smells, from their toys or something of their owners. This will help them to manage with their fear; your pet should be able to access this space for a few weeks leading up to firework night, so they are comfortable with their surroundings.

A calming scent is a great way to keep your pets relaxed during the loud noises, so a great product is the Feliway Diffuser for cats, which can be purchased from us.

Try and walk your dog during the daytime, so in the evening the house can be kept secure, keeping windows and doors, cat flaps and curtains closed, preventing your pet from becoming startled suddenly and running away out of fear.

Low Repetitive sounds, like music can be soothing for pets, and can help to block out some of the loud bangs.

Purchase a Thundershirt for dogs and cats. It is a great accessory to calm down your panicking pets! Its gentle, yet constant pressure it dramatically soothes your companion, with over 80% of dogs in a 2000 customer survey agreeing with improvement, it proves effective.

A Stay Calm oil formula which contains a unique blend of Chamomile and Ginger oils is a great way to relax your dog!

Serene in the form of drops and tablets for your pets, help to put them at ease, and are recommended by the UK's top behaviourist, Sara Whittaker.

And for smaller animals:

Bringing hutches inside the house or moving them away from any loud or extreme activities is very important. Placing their hutch in a smaller and darker area may also help. Or, partially covering it with a blanket, to block out some noise from explosions and sparks from nearby fireworks.

Providing something for your small animal to gnaw on may also help to reduce stress and anxiety, a range of things are available to divert their attention away from loud noises and bright lights, from Excel's Nature snacks to Tasty sticks!

It is essential that rabbits and guinea pigs also have a place to hide, like the Happy Pet Willow Tube or extra bedding, so they can dig their own safety burrow. This is instinctual and will make them instantly feel calmer and more relaxed.