Top 3 Tips for Dog Obedience Training

The purpose of obedience training is to condition your dog to behave in a manner that is consistent with your lifestyle and desired household environment. No dog will be perfect upon adoption, and unfortunately, they don't come with an instruction manual! But proper training, patience, and love will ensure you and your dog live happily together.

If you feel that your dog needs to have some obedience training then make sure that it is fun and rewarding. A well trained dog is a pleasure to be around and should enjoy the training as much as him. A lot of dog training can be done at home or if you wish you can enroll your dog in a local obedience class.

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

Whichever one you choose then it's best to keep the sessions short and sweet. Dogs don't usually like long training sessions as they tend to lose interest, so keep to some simple statements such as "down", "heel", "Stay", "sit" and "get your toy" as these sort of commands he should understand well.

2. The Way to a Dog's Heart is Through Their Stomach

You should always reward your dog for his good behavior when you are doing dog obedience training. The more times that he is rewarded then the quicker you will find that he learns. If he is being quiet and just chewing his toy then give him some praise, that way he will be more inclined to realize that keeping quiet is good behavior.

3. Limit Negative Feedback

You should try to never slap or hit your dog as this is inappropriate punishment and will only create more problems. While it can sometimes be difficult, it is also best to avoid shouting a lot, as this will just make him nervous. If he does something right then say "good boy" and give him a small treat. That way he will be willing to do more and more to please you.

If you are patient and positive then your dog will learn quite quickly and he will be a joy to take out for a walk or when visit people's houses. Dog obedience training is something that every dog needs to learn and it shouldn't take long for him to understand. It is a good way of connecting with your dog and you will be rewarded with a loyal and steadfast companion. Respect your dog and he will respect you.