Can I Give My Ferret Raw Chicken?

If one of your new pets is a ferret and you would like it to grow up active and strong like other pets in your home, you are probably asking yourself this question: "Can I give my ferret raw chicken?" Well, the answer to that question is a big yes. The fact is that ferrets are carnivores by nature and therefore, they should eat meat in order to survive.

Since they are carnivores, most ferrets will definitely enjoy chicken meat comfortably, whether cooked or raw. However, if your ferret has never been fed on any raw meat before, he might experience stomach upset. Therefore, it is very advisable to start feeding your ferret on raw meat as early as possible so that he can get used to it.

Compared to other types of meat, chicken is probably ferrets' favorite. This means that your ferret wouldn't mind eating a huge chunk of chicken meat and chewing all the available soft bones. Apart from helping in cleaning your pet's teeth, raw chicken bones also play a major role in providing the much-needed dietary calcium.

Due to the fact that ferrets have highly acidic stomachs, you do need to worry that the bones may choke your pet or that he may get intestinal damage. As a matter of fact, ferrets are known to have quite high metabolisms, explaining why they are slender and active at all times.

While feeding your ferret raw chicken, you need to be very careful. Do not offer him meat straight chilled from the fridge as he may not find it appetizing. You should also avoid giving him processed foods such as precooked cold chicken because it will contain too much salt.

To create a balanced diet and avoid monotony, do not feed your ferret on raw chicken alone. Try including other types of quality pet foods such as kibbles, eggs, bacon, cat food and dry pellets. If you wish to feed your ferret on raw meat alone for a long time, it is very advisable to add a number of vital supplements such as taurine to avoid cardiomyopathy and calcium to avoid osteodystrophy.