Which One Is Better, Advantage or Advantage Multi?

Advantage Multi for dogs is a form of combination medicine used to cure several types of parasitic diseases. It cures and protects dogs from parasites such as heartworm, whipworm, and more. Meanwhile, Advantage is a medicine which cures fleas in dogs. It kills and eliminates both adult and larval fleas, making them very effective. Both of these medicines are topical. However, most people are still confused. Which one should you use for your dog?

Advantage for dogs flea drops is great if you want to rid your dog of fleas, and just fleas. It doesn't cure or prevent any other type of parasitic disease, making it extremely limited. While effective, it does not provide the same protection Advantage Multi for dogs does. However, this might be the right choice for dogs who are taking some other form of heartworm medicine. Advantage Multi should not be used alongside any other alternative medicine for heartworms. Advantage, meanwhile, gives you a more targeted treatment. Advantage Multi is the right choice for your dog if he does not already have a severe case of heartworm disease. In these cases, a special type of medication will be needed to target adult stage heartworms that live in the heart of your dog. The topical solution is not equipped to handle such a large job, so you will have to look for some alternative medicine. If your dog doesn't have any complications, there is no reason why you shouldn't choose this treatment. It prevents your dog from getting a wide variety of parasites, while limiting its administration to once every month. Besides, if you use Advantage Multi before heartworm season, if your dog gets infected, the worms won't have a chance to live beyond larval heartworm stage. The medication keeps away ear mites, fleas, and other parasites. It is very convenient because you won't have to buy separate preventative medicine for all these other ailments.

Advantage flea medication is available over the counter. On the other hand, buying Advantage Multi would require a prescription from a veterinarian. Either way, you should consult a veterinarian before administering any form of medication to your dog so you can be sure that he does not have any adverse side effects. You might not know the exact drugs your pet is allergic to, so it's best to consult your vet. Bayer manufactures both Advantage and Advantage Multi and it is a well-respected brand when it comes to pet healthcare, so you can be sure that your dog is getting the quality he deserves.

If you're planning to buy Advantage Multi for dogs, it would be best to look around first to get the best prices. You can look around at the mall for some options. You can also order these medicines online from trusted sellers. Considering the prices, Advantage Multi is definitely much pricier than regular Advantage. In fact, Advantage is sixty percent cheaper. However, remember that you'll have to buy several different types of medicine to protect your dog from other parasites, so that will be a consideration.